Welcome to Sacred Sites.

Sacred Sites has been in a passive mode for some time waiting for a signal that it was time to awake.

That time has come...

The site was born in Glastonbury in the previous century in response to seeds that were being planted at that time and the site had a relatively brief existence as an online magazine before returning to a passive state as we journeyed through the underworld of spirituality, how it is expressed in the land and in our ourselves and with an awareness of a process of deep transformation that was not able to express itself with any relevant words during it's journey from there to here.

And now the energies of the planet are emerging and beings are understanding, evolving and focusing those energies accross the planet, networking, releasing, embracing, refining and realizing their abilities to receive and respond at this time of great transformation.


We are looking at reviving the magazine in conjunction with GINI

Get in touch if you are interested.