Welcome to Sacred Sites.

Sacred Sites has been in a passive mode for quite some time. Like a dormant seed, waiting for water to reach it.
A sign that that in this piercing darkness, there is light strong enough to re-establish itself without fear of corruption.

Water is on it's way and there is a scent of change and hope in the air...

The site was born in Glastonbury over 25 years ago in response to seeds that were being planted at that time.

The site had a relatively brief existence as an online magazine before returning to a passive state as we journeyed through underworld of various flavours, searching ever for a sense of spirit that could hold it's own, remember itself within a world of such forgetting, lostness and suffering.  And through losing, finding, losing again,  the seeds already planted by many sent out lines of guidance and support that were sensed and received through the resonant fabric that we had already absorbed.
Yes there are seeds that have been planted and they come from sources of light far stronger than anyone may be able to imagine.   While some look for lizards and create imaginary enemies, others have a deeper trust and faith in the spirit that is our true inheritance and will only return to us when we remember who we are,  that we are a we.

We are looking at reviving the magazine in conjunction with GINI

Get in touch if you are interested.